Dr Bruce Bellinge

PhD Cambridge United Kingdom
Managing Director
Concept Fertility Centre Perth
Australian Concept Fertility Centre Pakistan

Dr Bruce Bellinge is a renowned Fertility Specialist with a PhD in Reproductive Science. While researching the early fetal development of domestic farm animals in the UK in the mid-1970s’ Dr Bellinge had little idea of the part he would play in bringing joy to hundreds of families not only in Australia but overseas as well. Fascinated by the reproductive working of larger mammals, Dr Bellinge eventually moved into a form of human reproductive technology that was so new and so revolutionary that many dismissed it as an impossible dream. Unfazed by the opposition, Dr Bellinge and his colleagues pushed on, excited by the possibilities of in-vitro fertilization. He opened Australia’s first private IVF laboratory in 1982 at the Avro Hospital in Subiaco, Western Australia, treating young couples desperate to have their first child. Technology and acceptance of IVF procedures have come such a long way that its success, in some cases, now rivals the numbers of couples conceiving naturally within any given monthly cycle. As a Director of the Karachi center Dr Bellinge ensures that the quality and standard of IVF services delivered in Pakistan are of the highest quality and comparable to any world class IVF center.