Dr Peter Burton

B.Sc PhD
Scientific Director

Scientific Director Dr Peter Burton’s role at the Concept Fertility Centre, Perth covers three main areas. He directs the science department by overseeing the management of the embryology, semenology, biochemistry and genetics laboratories, coordinates concept’s research program and provides education. He has recently noted

“I make sure we’re using up-to-date technology and review new procedures and new techniques to make sure we’re offering our patients an up-to- date service,”

Peter says “If a new technique or procedure becomes available we review the literature and then make a decision whether to implement it or not.”

For Peter there’s also the education side of things. He provides lectures for second and third year reproductive biology students at the School of Anatomy and Human Biology at the University of Western Australia (UWA), third year reproductive biology students at the School of Biomedical and Sports Science at Edith Cowan University (ECU) and third year biomedical science students at the University of Notre Dame.

Concept Fertility Centre also has education/ information evenings which Peter runs along with the information stands at the Every Woman Expo and a GP education day. He is asked to lecturer various groups.

Part of Peter’s role at Concept is to coordinate the research program. He collaborates with researchers at UWA and Edith Cowan University and currently co-supervises two students who are doing their honours projects and two students doing their PhDs.

“It is exciting doing research, getting results and publishing your work in journals” he says.

“There’s a lot of data that gets published in the area of fertility. There are many different research journals so I do a lot of reading and attend international and national conferences to keep up- to-date with research and break-through.” Peter noted.

Peter further says “My interest was always in reproductive biology and in the 80s at university the area was just starting to emerge. As a student at the time was extremely exciting IVF was available”.

“Initially I spent more time in the embryology lab and now its evolved away from that into management, education and research and spending more time talking to patients and reviewing their files.” Peter also talks to patients if they’re having problems and answers questions about their treatment”.

Peter enjoys seeing couples have success with their fertility treatments, particularly when they have tried for a long time. He also takes some solace and comfort being able to help unsuccessful couples move on and make the decision to stop treatment

“What I try to do is be honest and provide useful information to help them (the couple) make decisions about their treatment and to listen to what they are saying about their experiences” he says